PLANTREBEL restaurant consulting     


PLANTREBEL  works with both new concept and existing restaurants and restaurant groups on developing a synergistic comprehensive menu or restaurant concept from start to finish. In addition, we also fuse our vast culinary and beverage expertise into very detailed areas of existing restaurants and recipe development to infuse new life into them. PLANTREBEL understands that menu and recipe creation is a balancing act where items must be simultaneously encompassing taste, profitability and innovation. 

PLANTREBEL Jay Jasmin Astafa’s work has spanned many cuisines and elevates them to a modern place of being fully plant based and delicious. We work with adding plant based options to standard restaurants and work with new concepts on developing full scale menus and cocktail menus.

Our process starts with research and development. Creating feature categories and item counts. We work with the operator to execute their vision into a tangible menu model. From there we enter the testing phase and fully test out and develop the menu with tastings and sourcing of ingredients all while keeping in mind the price point, presentation and ability to duplicate and monetize. Once a final product is completed we will then train extensively the staff or chef on perfect execution, delivery and performance. 

Our clients have included 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe, 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe, Leona and 3 Brothers, 3 Brothers Vegan Kitchen, and the Surf Lodge.   

Our Consulting services include:

Concept Development

Menu Research


Recipe Development

Vendor and ingredient sourcing 

Menu Design

beverage and bar development and menu

costing and pricing

Table setting selection


Training of Staff